Our church offers a variety of ministries that will help you grow in your spiritual walk.


We believe in healthy relationships within the church.  Everyone, at every stage of life, needs healthy relationships. It is through the community of the church body that we grown in Jesus Christ.  It is in the living of live together, through both celebrations and heartaches, that we can find care, acceptance, support, and prayer within the church community. Click below for more info to see all our available groups.


Restoration believes in using the context of family to help our children and youth grow as disciples in the Lord.  Children grow and mature in faith by seeing faith lived out in the daily lives of their parents.  In our worship service, children, ages 5 and older participate in the services with their families.  Our Restoration Kids, from infants to 5th graders, meet every Sundays.  Our Restoration Youth, 6th to 12th grader, join the Sunday adult message bi-weekly.


Restoration sponsors variance outreach events throughout the year to practice being the love of Jesus to others by our works and by our hands.  We continue to reach out to the homeless by giving out food and care packages, providing prayer, and serving at shelters. We also participate in global missions as well.  Click below for more info to see what we have supported or are currently supporting.


Retreats at Restoration are great ways for our church family to carve out space for God and for others.  It's a greay way to connect with God and to learn to grow as a disciple.  Retreats build deep relationships in the church for young and old alike.   It's great fun, great food and great times!