Restoration’s mission is to be God’s catalyst in dynamically restoring people and places of the San Gabriel Valley to the person of Jesus Christ.


Restoration’s vision is to:  Exalt God, live restored, and declare His restoration.


Exalt God: The exaltation of God is giving Him the highest praise and honor in the church and as we live our lives. In a world where God is dismissed or hijacked, the exaltation of God is celebrating Him as He has revealed and not what people make Him out to be.


Live Restored: Jesus came, Jesus died, and Jesus resurrected. These three major acts of Jesus came with them the redemption of humanity. That redemption restored the broken relationship that existed between God and each one of us. When we trusted Jesus’ acts to save us by faith, our lives became radically different and we live our lives for the glory of God by radically loving God and loving others.


Declare His Restoration: Jesus gave us the gospel, the good news of the loving Savior that died on the cross for sinfulness. This loving message is declared in word and in action because the gospel “is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes.”


Restoration has six stated values that we hold as the call of God for the church and values that we use to express our ministry of the church.  These values are Bible, Prayer, Worship, Power, Community, and the Gospel.  They fit under our tagline heading, “Know Jesus, Live Jesus.”


The Bible is the word of God.  The Bible is the primary way in which God speaks to His people.   To know the Bible is to know the voice of God.  At Restoration, the Bible is not a text simply to be studied, but a way in which God speaks.  God is a speaking God.  As you read the Bible and meditate on its many verses, the mind, heart, and spirit become a fertile place where the Holy Spirit speaks and communicates specific things in our lives.


Prayer in its simplest form is talking to God and hearing from God.  It is part of being in a relationship with God.  In its depth and profoundness, it is being in the very presence of the Almighty God.  Prayer at Restoration is seeking the mind and heart of God for His will in matters of the church and personal life.  As we sense leading and direction of the Holy Spirit in our prayers, we humbly submit and obey in faith.


  • Restoration lives to passionately worship God with our whole lives. The worship of God defines how we love, how we serve, and how we live.  
  • Only God deserves worship. There is no other entity, person, thing, or place that deserves worship. Only God is worthy of worship.


Restoration values the work of God’s power in our daily lives and in the church.  God’s power to believers is not superhero stuff, but God’s divine and supernatural endowment to live His will and perform His works in our lives and in others.  Without reliance on God’s power we cannot materialize changes in our lives to be like Jesus or help others to do the same.


Restoration utilizes small group ministry (Life Groups) as one expression of Christian community.  It is within these groups that the goal of God’s presence interacting within the group as guidance for mutual support, love, and care.  Restoration strives to be a safe place to share and be ministered to through prayer and acceptance.


The Gospel (Good News) of Jesus Christ is the way in which God supernaturally communicates His message of salvation.  Restoration has faith in the Gospel’s power to transform lives and totally restore a person back to God.  God communicates this message through His word and deeds to help people know Jesus.


Restoration is a church plant of First Chinese Baptist Church, Los Angeles.  Our intent was to see if God would lead the church in starting an Asian American church plant.  During June 2013, we began exploratory meetings in different homes to see if God was leading a group of people to start a new church.  As God opened the way, Restoration began meeting in Sierra Madre beginning in 2014 and within a year, moved to its current location in San Marino in 2015.  Today, we are a church that believes Jesus loves everyone, and everyone, no matter who they are, can be a disciple of Jesus Christ.


John started Restoration as a church plant in San Gabriel Valley.  John desires to reach out to people in all walks of life and situations because everybody is important to Jesus and Jesus loves everyone.  At Restoration, John desires to build a church that reaches people who are unchurched or de-churched (stopped attending).  "Church can be a scary thing for first time visitors and people that have not attended for some time.  Building a church that builds good relationships with others and a good relationship with Jesus is central.”  John is married to Cindy and they have three children, Sienna, Kassia, and Isaiah.  John loves watching sports, playing basketball, and racquet sports.  John also enjoys a good inspirational movie, which since having kids, is usually from Netflix instead of the theater.


Sunday @ 10:30 am

3130 Huntington Dr. San Marino, CA 91108